Sunday, January 14, 2007


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A lot of things have happened in my life in a short time that have kept me away from net. I have looked at your new pics and here's what i think:

Of those toe pictures I defenitelly like the top one better, there's very little difference between them but still a difference. Though these pics are pretty interesting in the way they make eye move from foot to foot comparing the one that brakes the horizon and the one that barely touches it, I can't seem to make my mind go away from the fact that I'm looking at feet and not even feet from where i could see all the things that make foot a foot but feet that are in the shadow and feet that are in sort weird position. They are the main thing in this picture and they look like people. I don't like pictures where hands or feet are made to look like people. I don't know if that was your purpose but i see it that way which makes me not like these feet pictures.

The pictures that are taken in the evening or night where there are girls dancing I like. Though first I thought that there's not much in the pics I've changed my mind. Once again I don't know what your topic here has been, but I see these pictures as very well composed and managed, like the dance they are performing :) (though I've never seen it live). There's a lot in these pictures to make them interesting, they are pleasant to look at.

From the two of b&w pics I like better the one with the man. I tried to think why is that (that i like it better) and I think it's because I tend to like square pictures better, everything is in better harmony in this pic which doesn't mean that the other one would be bad. I just don't seem to be able to concentrate to it as much (which might tell more about me than these pics).

At the moment the best ones in my opinion from all these pics are the ones from the beach. I like the colours the feeling and the composition. I think they mach my feeling at the moment. There's people and things that are manmade (like the chairs and the tires). They are not been used (these things) at the moment. They just wait there. Then there are the sky and the water. They just are there. Always................... And sometimes there are people.

Take care, hugs, miili

__from Sean's finnish friend and adviser MK